Home Automation Kits – A Basic Overview

Many people are surprised when they hear the term “Home Automation” but it is what you do that can make all the difference. The first step in making your home fully automated is to create a Home Automation plan. Your home automation plans should include what you need to accomplish so you can achieve your goals.

You must have a good sense of direction before you decide on anything, and it is the same with Crestron. You must know what you want and how you are going to get there. If you set your priorities right, you will be able to accomplish much. With a clear picture in mind, you will be on the right track.

Once you have set up your automation plan, you need to take your time in setting up each component. Each element has a specific function and you will want to set them up in the proper order. Make sure that you read everything in the instruction manual.

Crestron has different plans for different tasks, but there are some things that are universal to all. The following are common elements of all Home Automation systems.

Remote controls – many of the Crestron products offer control of home appliances or activities from your telephone. This is a very easy way to do things. If you don’t own a phone with an on-screen keyboard, then you can purchase a small receiver and touch-tone phone that will work well with your Crestron system. The keypad that is used for the remote will work with the receiver as well.

Home Control Systems – these use pulse sensors to detect movement within a certain area. If you are watching television, then this will be a sensor that triggers the TV remote. In the event that someone opens the door, then the doorbell will trigger the sound machine. An alarm is triggered if you aren’t at home. In a security system, this is also used to trigger the gate.

Motion Detectors – these are used to detect motion or temperature changes in a room. They detect movement or temperature by means of a spring or a sensor. These can be used for light fixtures and appliances. They can be used in any room. One way to set them up is to install the corresponding sensors.

Computer Monitor – The computer monitor will help you see a movie on DVD. It can also be used to see video games that are set up in the living room. The screen can be controlled in either of two ways. You can use a software program or you can use a PC keyboard to control the monitor.

Motion Sensors – These are the main ones used for Home Automation. They measure the amount of motion that occurs within a certain space. You will notice that there are sensors in a certain part of the room that does not have a motion sensor. The motion sensors will pick up motion from different angles and monitor all parts of the room that they are placed in.

Crestron controllers are available to control just about any aspect of your home. Crestron controls have a variety of options and a home automation system will include them.

The most common accessories are the Crestron motion detector and alarm sensors. There are also controls that can be installed with Crestron lights, televisions, phones, computers, and so on. You can use the Crestron lights to turn on lights and appliances without having to press a button. You can use the Crestron lights to turn them off, turn them on, dim them, change their colours, or turn them on and off at any time. With a simple home automation system like this, you can have everything you need and still feel comfortable. You will find that it really doesn’t matter what room you want to control, you will have the capabilities you need.


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